Practice Areas :

Traditional Divorce Litigation –

Attorney Therese Henke has been in private practice since graduating cum laude from Marquette University in 1994. She has successfully provided strong and competent representation in initial divorce and paternity cases, modification and enforcement of child and spousal support, and post-judgment child support and placement disputes. She will work closely with you to identify issues, discuss concerns and strategy, and possible resolution.  If there is no resolution, she will represent you aggressively in court. See Representation tab.

Collaborative Divorce –

Attorney Henke has successfully represented clients utilizing the collaborative divorce model. She will work closely with you to identify your interests and achieve your goals individually and collaboratively with both parties and counsel. See for more information about this alternative to the litigation divorce process.

Family Law Mediation –

Attorney Henke, in addition to her Juris Doctor, has a Masters of Science in Social Work, which separates her from all other mediators as she can address personal issues that can be an impediment to resolving disputes.  She provides evaluative mediation, providing input and feedback as to positions taken in mediation.  Mediation is an important part of the process, of which you are in control of the resolution.  Litigation will involve more lawyers and a potentially destructive process.

Guardian ad Litem –

Attorney Therese Henke has been appointed in court ordered and private appointments to serve as a guardian ad litem; representing childrens’ best interests in family law litigation.  She will conduct a thorough investigation to make an appropriate recommendation to the court, you and counsel for your children.

Supplemental Court Commissioner –

Attorney Therese Henke serves as an Ozaukee County Court Commissioner, conducting supplemental hearings and performing weddings.

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