Representation of Clients :

  • Going through a divorce can be frightening;  people often feel out of control of the process. In a traditional (litigation) divorce, you will meet with Therese and be provided with copies of all correspondences and documents so that you are aware of and able to understand the legal and financial issues involved in your case. This will empower you, decrease your anxiety and enable you to make informed decisions about your and your family’s future with the legal advice given.  Therese will draft all court documents, prepare you for and zealously represent you in all legal proceedings and advocate for your rights and interests.
  • If you select the collaborative divorce process (non litigation), Therese will meet with you individually to prepare for settlement meetings, advise you and discuss the law and rights, the process and options available to you.  She will work with you and the collaborative team so that the agreements made are fully understood and are not only right for you but for your family as well.  She and counsel will draft all documents necessary to facilitate and successfully complete your divorce.

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